Features mixer truck The product was stirred simple drive system used in Germany, the United States, Italy and other countries the production of pumps, motors and gear consisting of a closed or open hydraulic drive system, the performance is very reliable; The main components such as the mix Jane, hzs50 concrete batch plant price logarithmic spiral blades are made of high strength fine grain abrasion resistant steel made through computer-aided design, and do wear treatment; Rack and front and back are made of 16Mn steel plate appearance, practicality and versatility; Discharge chute activities may be in different locations up and down the lock fixed to achieve different orientations of unloading operations; Rotary undetermined reliability, the machine has a rapid discharge, the residual rate, easy operation, long life and other characteristics. Scope: This car is a concrete plant or mixing station must have no way contaminated concrete mixing modern ideal transportation equipment. Transport is mainly used for stirring agitation transport ready-mixed concrete and concrete mixing station, can extend the delivery time and better ensure the concrete mixing, transport quality and avoid the phenomenon of segregation and the initial setting of concrete occurred in the course of transportation, so as to ensure the progress and quality of construction. Concrete placing machine how is Abroad, back in the 1920s, it had used concrete concrete mixer trucks trailer for sale transport conveyor. You can reduce the difference between the deflection boom sections, the current large span rigidity Boom cloth fabric machine for bulk material handling in progress. Reduce wear and the difficulty of wire rope and belt arrangement telescopic boom time, extending its life. Boom weight while increasing the force will support the boom cylinder hinges and brackets and increased, so that the main bearing and wheel cylinder piston axial force increases, the impact of flexibility hinges and turntable, leading to "stuck", even causing the machine to overturn. focus on the balance between the two, given that this paper presents a multi-objective genetic algorithm based on micro fabric boom main beam structure size multi-objective optimization methods. Manual placing boom is concrete pump auxiliary equipment, through the standard delivery pipe and the concrete pump connection, effectively solve the site cast wall fabric frustration, to reduce labor intensity, improve the efficiency of construction, cast a very important effect. The fabric machine design reasonable, double channel for junction arm, the structure can not mess * .360 ° all-round lightweight flexible roll forward and reverse rotation, the radius of gyration can be adjusted to the proper height of the tower, just Easy pulling on a rope, you can arbitrarily change the fabric side who, it has high efficiency can be *, the practical features of the economy. using pressure along the pipeline will be concrete machinery continuous conveyor by the pump and delivery tube. According to the structure into the form piston , extrusion, hydraulic diaphragm. Boom pump is mounted on the vehicle chassis, and then equip scalable or inflection, it is composed of pump. Abroad cloth machine (tire belt machine) to heavy trucks for the chassis, or in off-road tires for crane chassis, while the cloth machine patent for the use of self-propelled crawler vehicle chassis, forming a hinge-type structure feeding belt conveyor + telescopic crawler chassis + genlyon 10m3 concrete mixer truck cloth tape machine for domestic initiative. This innovation is designed cloth belt machine to create a pathway localization , fabric machine patented major maintenance content. This Kind of design is mainly based on two considerations: First, the current domestic no large off-road tires crane products, produced tire fabric machine chassis (tires with a machine) is not possible, and domestic mature 5080t crawler chassis; two crawler chassis is not working chaos is good, fabric machine in the slope is less than 4 ° floor, no additional leg can be put to work immediately, good mobility.